Sultan Style Signature Collection

A brief collection of luxury toys you could have if you owned a multi-billion dollar empire like the Royal Sultan. Pay close attention to the exquisite detail of every toy you see. You will find that each one has been customized specifically for this living God.

The Sultan’s Royal Phantom
Royal Phantom
When the Sultan ordered this beauty from Rolls Royce, he insisted on the hand stitched “Royal Sultan” name in the back seat.

Royal Yacht
Royal Yacht
Chick magnet? **Smug-Laugh** Why of course it is. The Sultan gets thousands of requests from beautiful women, begging, him for a ride on his floating palace. **lol** This Five Star ship is a necessity for any billionaire desiring to make his presence known in luxury ports throughout the world. In the summer months, you can find me trolling the Mediterranean, lounging like a Greek God on the top sun deck.

Royal Jet
Royal Gulfstream 5
To stay competitive, the Sultan’s fleet of Gulfstream 5, planes allow his executive to scour the world in search of new potential sites to drill for the precious Black Nectar of the Gods.

Royal Sultan by Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol Painting
Rumored to be one of the Sultan’s most prized possessions, this self portrait, painted by none other then Andy Warhol himself, travels with the Sultan where ever he goes. When the Sultan commissioned this to be painted, Mr. Warhol insisted he not pay for it. In fact, he paid the Sultan!

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